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Lander, WY, 82520
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Portrait and events photographer in Lander, WY


About Josh King Photography in Lander, WY

Born and raised in Texas, I moved to Lander in fall 2016. I picked up my first camera almost as soon as I could walk, and there was an immediate connection and love for the art. Ever since, I have constantly challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone to become a better photographer. I was a sports photographer in Austin, Tx from 2007-2016, and have shot everything from team sports like football and baseball, to adventure sports such as rock climbing and kayaking. Currently I am focusing on portraiture, and in my free time I dabble in fine art and adventure photography. I use my photographic experience and eye for precision adjustments to always get the best photo I can. I is willing to put forth the time and effort it takes to get you the perfect shot, by working together with you to find out what you need and how to best serve you.

If you would like to work with me please email or call 307-922-2781